Be Unique, Be Exclusive

We’ve always proved that we can make the impossible possible, especially when it comes to our vision of being unique and making you feel unique.

On all your trips we offer you the best benefits, Luxury All In services and, most importantly, the chance to enjoy endless experiences in a variety of destinations, particularly at our eight incredible Caribbean resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Because you are unquestionably the essence of our wonderful club!

What does it mean to be Exclusive?

Being Exclusive is much more than you can imagine. It means enjoying a Luxury All In service that goes beyond the concept of an All Inclusive, being able to stay in Exclusive rooms that are only for our members, enjoying private areas like the Maravilloso Lounge, having a Maravilloso Concierge during your stay; in short, a variety of special benefits that vary according to the your membership level but that¡ make a difference in your trips regardless.

Our partner hotels also have other products that offer you an even more unique experience such as the Pearl Beach Club in Punta Cana, the Rauxa restaurant and show at Catalonia Royal Tulum, and the innovative culinary venue Mèmories at Catalonia Grand Costa Mujeres.

Speaking of food, you can also enjoy a special menu designed by prestigious Colombian chef Jorge Rausch for a culinary experience created especially for you at the Royal del Caribe and Catalonia Costa Mujeres hotels (exclusive for Platinum and Infinity members).

Without overlooking the range of exclusive experiences you can enjoy at the different Caribbean Resorts, such as: the Maravilloso Lounge, the exclusive services in the theme restaurants, 5D Cinema at some Exclusive Hotels, La Voz (The Voice) in Punta Cana, exclusive beach area for members and a host of additional services designed just for you.

Some of the amazing options for your trips include the incredible City Hotels in Europe and the Leisure Hotels in the incredible islands of Spain, such as the Balearic and Canary Islands, where you can benefit from the “Experience by Exclusive” accomodation concept. Plus, you also have the huge advantage of a direct, guaranteed room upgrade according to your membership level.

But that’s not all! The possibilities are endless and we put more than 100,000 hotel establishments in more than 150 countries around the world within your reach, so that you can travel where, when and with whomever you wish.

Our passion for making you feel unique has no limits with the Exclusive Benefits that offer you the best travel options, which you can take advantage of to fly to any destination, enjoy the best cruises, get around in the vehicle of your choice, enjoy the sea from the best boats, perfect your swing at the best golf courses, attend the best shows and participate in the best adventures offered in each destination, among many other experiences.You come first for Exclusive Traveler Club, so we always try to think of ways that you can travel your way, ensuring that you’re the one who decides the experience you want to have by including the ETC Getaways, Special Weeks and Your Perfect Trip in our exclusive benefits.

Because more than just a travellers’ club, it’s direct access to a world of services in the field of tourism and leisure, designed to create unique experiences.

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