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The style of traveling with Exclusive: flight perks and more

One of the greatest pleasures in life is having the possibility of traveling to destinations that arouse our interest and excitement and then become a maravillosa experience that will last a lifetime. Of course, one of the most important points when we start planning that dream trip is taking into account the airline to choose the best flight, which will take us to our chosen destination from our origin to enjoy our vacation.

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Adventures in the Amazon

Planning a trip brings about a lot of enthusiasm and joy, especially if it is a place that you are visiting for the first time and you have heard several comments about this destination. The questions begin at this point, which eventually create uncertainty for any traveler who wants to spend a few days in the maravilloso Amazon rainforest.

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Exclusive luxury yachts

The most luxurious yachts are the ultimate expression of sailing like “kings” on the high seas, where sophistication and extravagance stand out in every detail that characterizes them in the most exclusive fashion.

Some are equipped with concert halls, cinemas, heliports and even with an extendable beach on board. They can house smaller boats and even mini-submarines to never get bored on board.

Undoubtedly, these maravillosos yachts belong to Russian billionaires, businesspeople, royalty and celebrities. This is a list of the best in the world:

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Vacations Expo CTN 2018

We are glad to inform you that on May 18th, 19th and 20th, Exclusive Traveler Club had the pleasure to be present at the eighteenth edition of “Vacaciones CTN Expo Feria 2018”, a traditional event where the Dominican families plan their vacations within the Dominican Republic and abroad.

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The 15 places in the world that you must visit before it’s too late

In the world, there are maravillosos places that are worth remembering forever and we recommend visiting them at least once in your lifetime. We have made a compilation using tourism portals and the opinions of world travelers. Two places in Spain appear in the top ten: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, which comes in second in the European ranking and first in Spain; and the Alhambra in Granada, which comes in eighth in the world, fourth in Europe and second in the nation. Below, we will present you the top 15 places on the planet in order. Don’t miss them!

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Tibet, a maravilloso dream

On this occasion, we take you on a magical journey through Tibet, a place where you experience a profound peace that cannot be explained. For many, it is a Holy Land. For others, it is only a source of conflict and ambition. What we are sure of is whoever visits this fantastic place is not at all indifferent, it is quite the opposite.

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We are going to the Caribbean during Holy Week

The Caribbean is one of the favorite places to take a vacation during the Holy Week holidays whether it be for couples, friends or families.

Being able to enjoy the incredible sun, the fine white sand, the dreamlike turquoise sea, the exquisite Caribbean food and the attentive customer service make the Caribbean the perfect destination for many.

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