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Cartagena, an enchanting Colombian city

Cartagena, located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, is a historical and cultural gem that captivates visitors with its colonial charm, vibrant city life and idyllic scenery. Known as the “Walled City”, this is a must-see tourist destination that offers a unique experience.

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Ibiza, the most fun island

This incredible island could be considered the summer tourism capital of Spain as it is one of the most recognized beach destinations for its parties and nightlife, but beyond this, it has many attractions worth discovering.

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Mallorca, the island of unique landscapes

The enchanting beaches of Mallorca attract every year all kinds of travelers, but this is not only a destination that offers you an attractive beach tourism but also different entertainment options, both leisure and culture. Its white sandy beaches, coves and elegant inland villages have for several years attracted famous personalities who have given the island that “chic” touch.

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