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Explore the other side of New York: Its iconic neighborhoods

New York is one of the most iconic cities in the entire United States, and one of the cosmopolitan cities visited the most by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The wonderful range of tourist activities is extremely broad: the best plays on Broadway; thousands of lights and huge billboards in Times Square; one of the largest parks in the world, Central Park; a host of internationally-renowned restaurants; and of course, the city is the home to one of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty.

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Adventures in the Amazon

Planning a trip brings about a lot of enthusiasm and joy, especially if it is a place that you are visiting for the first time and you have heard several comments about this destination. The questions begin at this point, which eventually create uncertainty for any traveler who wants to spend a few days in the maravilloso Amazon rainforest.

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The 15 places in the world that you must visit before it’s too late

In the world, there are maravillosos places that are worth remembering forever and we recommend visiting them at least once in your lifetime. We have made a compilation using tourism portals and the opinions of world travelers. Two places in Spain appear in the top ten: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, which comes in second in the European ranking and first in Spain; and the Alhambra in Granada, which comes in eighth in the world, fourth in Europe and second in the nation. Below, we will present you the top 15 places on the planet in order. Don’t miss them!

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Tibet, a maravilloso dream

On this occasion, we take you on a magical journey through Tibet, a place where you experience a profound peace that cannot be explained. For many, it is a Holy Land. For others, it is only a source of conflict and ambition. What we are sure of is whoever visits this fantastic place is not at all indifferent, it is quite the opposite.

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We are going to the Caribbean during Holy Week

The Caribbean is one of the favorite places to take a vacation during the Holy Week holidays whether it be for couples, friends or families.

Being able to enjoy the incredible sun, the fine white sand, the dreamlike turquoise sea, the exquisite Caribbean food and the attentive customer service make the Caribbean the perfect destination for many.

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Spring in Europe

An infinite number of possibilities exist when traveling to Europe, such as the ability to visit several nearby countries and thus have the opportunity to appreciate the cultural and gastronomic differences they each offer. Europe are numerous destinations to choose from, so it is highly recommended to establish an itinerary ahead of time so you can plan as much as possible.

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