Aruba, the happy island

Considered the happiest Caribbean island, Aruba is located in the incredible waters of the south Caribbean. It is known for its incredible beaches of white sand and its perfect climate year-round, which has made it a very popular holiday destination for millions of people around the world.

Measuring 30 km long and 10 km wide, this small island offers fantastic corners to visit with family, and even though the beaches are the main attracting, there are many surprising offers available in Oranjestad.

These are our main recommendations, so take note:

  • The California Lighthouse is one of the most famous monuments on the island because, as it is open to the public, you can climb to the top and admire the most spectacular views of the north east part of the island. Throughout the tour there are guides that can show you the way and will tell you the interesting story of the lighthouse and its surroundings. Go up as the sun sets for the most spectacular sunset that you’ve ever seen, but if you decide to go during the day there is a restaurant next to the lighthouse and the California lighthouse sand dunes are right next to it so that you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
  • Spend the day on Arashi Beach, which is next to the California Lighthouse, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You’ll find parasol and sun lounger hire services for your comfort, as well as a small bar and bathrooms which is always a nice touch. Nearby is Boca Catalina, the perfect spot on the island for some snorkeling.
  • If you love diving, this is one of the most popular sports you can do here in this place which is full of colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks that are always fun to explore; you can also observe a wide variety of marine species. If you have never practiced this sport before, don’t worry, because it’s easy to learn at any of the multiple schools and get your certification course so you can brag that you have dived at one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.
  • Lunch at Palm Beach is a must, which is where most of the hotel chains, restaurants and shops are located. We highly recommend lunch at the restaurants that are on the beach or a drink in one of the many bars you’ll find throughout the area. Also, this is the most famous beach on the island thanks to its calm and crystal clear waters, its white sand, and the wide range of tourist services that you can find.
  • Become a true explorer and visit the Casibari rock formation, also known as the “Aruba Stonehenge”, as just like the formation in England, its origin is unknown and it is extremely popular among tourists and locals. This place is located in the centre of the island, so it is an ideal spot to visit and take photos of almost the entire island. We should point out that the Casibari rock formation is easy to visit because stairs, paths, narrow tunnels and handrails have been built, so getting to the top is accessible to all. Once on top, you will have spectacular views of Palm Beach and practically the entire island.
  • Visit the Aloe Vera Factory and Museum, a product that first reached the island in 1840 and became a very important part of Aruba’s history as it is the country’s largest export. The Museum offers a guided tour and has a collection of old tools used for planting aloe, while the store offers a variety of locally produced products that you can only find here.
  • Spend an evening walking along the extensive Eagle Beach, one of the best beaches on Aruba where you will also find parasol and sun lounger hire services. This place is where you can admire the famous Divi Divi trees, which are so unique and peculiar to this area. Sunset among these famous Divi Divi trees is a true spectacle. A bonus is that you can have dinner on the sand, among torches and violins, in the incredible Passions on the Beach, Eagle Beach.
  • Spend a day or afternoon walking through the unique centre of Oranjestad where the past remains alive in the beautifully maintained colonial architecture and the present is celebrated with a renovated and rejuvenated center with fashionable cafés, restaurants and designer stores that intermingle magnificently with the historical buildings and museums. Don’t forget to take a trip through its streets on the free tram. To chill out, order a drink and admire the Renaissance marine at the cruise ship port, or take a spin on a catamaran at dusk.

Go for it, this small Caribbean paradise awaits!

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