When we speak of luxury as part of our Exclusive Traveler Club, you cannot help but think of Monaco. The second-smallest country in the world, after the Vatican, its surface area measures just 1.95 sq. km.

You can easily visit Monaco in a single day. Strolling its streets comes highly recommended, as parking is very expensive and streets are quite narrow.

Monaco is full of spectacular gardens, beautiful buildings, wonderful views, with the mountains nearby and the Mediterranean at its feet…

Monaco is divided into neighborhoods, Monte Carlo being the most touristic and attractive. This location is famous for many reasons, the first of which is the famous Formula 1 street circuit that you can visit as it is quite accessible. The famous Monte Carlo Casino, designed by famous architect Charles Garnier, is mostly visited by tourists betting large sums of money in its impressive rooms.

If visiting Monaco, you must not miss the Oceanographic Museum. Built in 1950, it overlooks the sea, perched on a cliff that rises 85 meters above the water.

This museum was directed by Jacques Costeau, researcher and diver, for years. It is home to a stunning aquarium, a huge whale skeleton, collections of sailing and fishing instruments, in addition to a range of other items.

The Prince’s Palace Square, with its impressive cannons donated by Louis XIV, is another must-see. It is flanked by streets homes to shops of famous high fashion brands, jewelry, etc., and are known as “Cercle d’Or.”

The Exotic Garden of Monaco is also an attraction worth visiting as it was created by Prince Albert. It is located in the Les Revoires part of the principality.

If you are looking to take a dip in the Mediterranean, Larvotto Beach is the perfect place. Although it is not very large, it is still an attraction and the perfect spot.

It is close to the harbor with its impressive marina, where you can witness the luxury of its visitors. A parade of cruise ships and private yachts will keep you entertained. It is home to bars where you can sample fine champagne at affordable prices.

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