Exclusive Experience

We’re pleased to share with you that Exclusive Traveler Club put on a special event this month to share the direction in which the company is heading with all our employees. A path towards the future, along which we present new and interesting challenges that we will announce soon.

Called Exclusive Experience 2022, the event was held at our three headquarters in Panama, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, where everyone had the opportunity to share entertaining and heartwarming moments; most importantly, we celebrated the fact that this event could be held in person after two years, an opportunity to continue creating enriching experiences.

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The evening was also a chance to honor our goal of being unique and most of all to once again prove that we are maravillosos, because we stay true to our principles and transmit professional and personal values both inside and outside the Club.

We’re thrilled with what we’ve achieved and what’s soon to come, serving as an incentive that drives us to keep up our impeccable work, always focused on offering members outstanding services that no other travelers’ club can match, because teamwork makes the impossible possible!

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