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Join a new site that offers you a unique service when it comes to whatever you do. Shop every day on the innovative Exclusive Marketplace application.

This new benefit gives you the chance to access a wide range of benefits, privileges, and amazing discounts in automotive, beauty and spa, wellness, food and beverage, electronics and technology, entertainment, training and education, home, fashion, products, services, and travel categories based on your preferences and interests.

By clicking on any type of benefit, you can get details about the promotion, vendors, and conditions so you can just enjoy.

The application also includes a Collections section with attractive promotions for online courses. You can explore new affiliated vendors and ones that offer delivery for your convenience.

A bonus is that Exclusive Marketplace has a geolocation system with various search filters, which help you find everything you are looking for quickly and easily by showing you all the promotions near your current location, or in any country other than where you live, at different points of sale and on fantastic websites.

This application is available in 16 countries in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. So when you travel to any of these countries, Exclusive Marketplace will be your best friend.

We are sure that Exclusive Marketplace will become your favorite tool because you will always find wonderful discounts of up to 70% off on categories and services that are constantly being updated. With all of this, our aim is to offer you the chance to take advantage of unique benefits that are in line with your expectations.

Plus, you can download this exclusive application from any app store, and it works perfectly with all mobile operating systems, wherever you are. The wonderful platform makes it easier to share updates with you by sending you notifications and posting featured products and services for special occasions.

Join us and discover the only place you need in your daily life: Exclusive Marketplace!

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