We value your peace of mind

With eight holiday resorts in the Mexican and Dominican Republic Caribbean, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has a clear commitment to you and the community in every destination to ensure the good management and sustainability of the resorts.

Thanks to its tireless work and its amazing team, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts has earned the tourism industry’s top health and hygiene certificates, as well a series of environmental certificates.

We’d like to share these achievements with you for your peace and safety on your upcoming trips.

  • H Label at our hotels in Mexico

Recognition granted by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism, endorsed by the Ministry of Health, to food and beverage service providers that meet the highest quality standards defined by this program.

  • HS Consulting at our hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

Health and hygiene certification, consulting, and training system.

  • AAA Label at our hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

This label recognizes the highest standards of quality and high-level service, ensuring cleanliness, hygiene, and health at resort faculties.

  • S Label at our hotels in Mexico

Recognition of good sustainable practices in tourism projects and the commitment of tourism companies operating in Mexico to Global Sustainability Criteria, granted by the country’s Ministry of Tourism.

  • Rainforest Alliance in Mexico and Bayahíbe hotels in the Dominican Republic (Catalonia Gran Dominicus and Catalonia Royal La Romana)

Certification granted to companies that demonstrate satisfactory compliance with its Standard for Sustainable Tourism, which is 100% aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria promoted by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

  • Travelife Sustainability in Tourism at our hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

International certification that effectively demonstrates the environmental and social contributions of the hotel services with which several tour operators work.

  • RD Incluye at our hotels in the Dominican Republic

Recognition of good practices that promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities at institutions and hotel establishments.

  • Green Key International at our hotels in the Dominican Republic

International Environmental Leader label awarded to hotels and hospitality services that are committed to sustainable business practices.

  • Beaches Award at our hotels in the Dominican Republic

Award given to beaches that meet water quality, safety, information, accessibility, and waste management standards.

  • Green Globe at our hotels in the Dominican Republic

Structured assessment of the sustainability performance of travel and tourism companies and their supply chain partners. 

  • TripAdvisor Eco Leaders at our hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

Hotels that are committed to eco-practices like recycling, local and organic food, as well as meeting guidelines promoted by the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.


Exclusive Traveler Club works hand in hand with Catalonia Hotels & Resorts to meet your expectations and will always comply with all necessary measures in our Caribbean destinations, as well as in the City Hotels around Europe and Leisure Hotels in Spain.

Rest assured that your next travel experiences will not only be wonderful, but also enriching and beneficial for you and your entire family.

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