We take care of your data and your security

The security of your data and information is very important to us. Here are a few things we would like to share with you.

What should I do if I am called or recieve a text message via WhatsApp in the name of Exclusive?
Automatically block this contact, as we have omitted this type of tool for your protection.

What should I do if I receive an email asking for confidential membership details?
We will always contact you by email or telephone with questions regarding your previous doubts. To avoid these issues you can consult your membership handbook.

What should I do if someone calls me to offer to buy my membership in order to re-sell it?
Immediately block this contact in any of the channels where you receive an offer. We do not encourage such practices. For your peace of mind you can report it to our Exclusive Customer Services.

Actions we take to protect your data:

  • SSL Certificates
    We use SSL Certificates to guarantee the encryption of all the transactional flow on our website.
  • Secure Website
    Our website has Security Certificates so that you can be sure that the access address to our Website is a secure site.
  • The best security partners
    Our security partners are Fortinet and Amazon, some of the best brands worldwide for carefully sending and receiving information.
  • Teams and talent
    We have teams and talent for the periodic deactivation of emails, internet addresses and DNS in cases where we are being impersonated
  • Deactivation of fraudulent elements
    We make daily reports to the different blacklists worldwide, so that Internet organizations can deactivate and sanction email addresses and domains for those who create these fraudulent tools.
  • Security Protocols
    We have security protocols in our Partner Service areas to prevent fraud.

Recommended practices

  • Periodically change your password to access our website.
  • Do not memorize the password in any of the internet browsers.
  • Do not share your password by mail or WhatsApp, or with people you do not trust.
  • Always make sure our communication channels have the domain: exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • Make sure that official originating emails end in: exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • info@Info.exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • accounts@exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • concierge@exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • no-reply@exclusivetravelerclub.com
  • (If a letter has been changed or a symbol has been added, ignore it and report it as spam).
  • Do not leave your computer on all the time.

The sale of membership is not authorized.

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