We need teamwork to win this fight

Community actions like the daily applause from the balconies of homes in support of the healthcare professionals on the frontline of this crisis are very emotional, they bring us together, create a strong sense of community and help us be a resilient society.

And it’s not only about thanking doctors and nurses worldwide for their incredible effort; the action also recognizes the thousands of people who put themselves at risk by going to work at supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, airports, and basic needs administrators, the people who keep things running so that we can all pull through this.

They are all heroes for the selfless work they are doing for the greater good, and we all owe them our endless gratitude for their efforts and commitment to the public.

Staying calm and optimistic matters most, and we’re confident that the entire world can beat this virus, emerging stronger than ever before in the face of any adversity.

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