Vietnamese Cuisine vs Korean Cuisine

Which do you prefer?


Vietnamese cuisine has a strong French influence, is very varied and comprises a large number of dishes and recipes. Hot Pot is the star dish and rice forms the basis of almost all Vietnamese dishes.

The cuisine varies depending on where you are traveling in Vietnam, along with the seasoning and spices that are added to the food.

Hot Pot is a hot stew. It can be made using fish, seafood and vegetables, depending on the region. It is usually served half way through cooking. The pot of stew is always kept on a small gas stove to keep it warm and so that more ingredients can be added.

Another of Vietnam’s most popular dishes is Bun Bo Hue, a spicy soup made of noodles, beef and pork.

Korean cuisine is mainly characterized by its use of kimchi, a spicy preserve that Korean people love and like to add to all their dishes. So if it’s not included in your meal, you’ll always be given some as a side dish in restaurants. Korean cuisine also relies heavily on rice, noodles and soup, particularly in cold areas where temperatures can reach -4°F.

In colder regions, the star dish is Manduguk, a well-seasoned soup with dumplings, vegetables, tofu or meat and seaweed.

Bibimbap is another popular traditional dish. It means “mixed rice” and consists of

a bowl of rice with meat and vegetables that is eaten with sesame oil and gochujang, a spicy red chili pepper sauce. It is usually served with a delicious soup.

Two very rich cuisines, with a huge range of dishes based on soup, rice and spices, that will please all palates.

What about you? Which would you go for?

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