The most innovative culinary experience

The new Memòries Restaurant, in Catalonia Costa Mujeres, serves up a creative and innovative culinary experience based on traditional Catalan cuisine with a Mexican twist.

Catalan cuisine is based on local products with a strong influence from the Mediterranean diet, creating a rich and varied range of recipes that reflect its cultural surroundings. This culinary space will transport you to its Catalan roots, with market cuisine on par with Spanish cuisine, reminiscent of traditional aromas and flavours, all in an atmosphere where you can appreciate every detail.

Exclusive benefit for members only: -25% on food.

Attention to detail.

This restaurant is also geared towards people seeking to enjoy attention to detail. The wine list meets the expectations of the different types of diners who visit the restaurant, appealing to and satisfying the most demanding tastes in a calm and relaxed atmosphere only for adults guided by a sommelier.

The perfect fusion of a pairing for each chosen dish, the wine reflecting its history, tapping into emotions and creating incredible bonds.

The chef: John De Sola

This marvelous chef has travelled the world learning the most traditional culinary techniques. He has worked in world-class destinations such as Barcelona, Mallorca and Norway over the course of his career. His signature quality is that he takes care of each and every detail in the dishes to ensure that you enjoy a culinary adventure.

Part of Eboca Restaurants

This new concept is part of a team of professionals who create unforgettable experiences for all customers, bringing the essence of Catalonia to the Caribbean Sea through the Memòries restaurant at Costa Mujeres.

And anyone can visit this new gourmet space, even if they are not hotel guests.

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