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Menorca, a charming island

This amazing destination, one of the most beautiful islands in all of Spain, offers endless things to do and see. Plus, the island is one of the most popular destinations with European travelers because its the perfect place to visit both in winter and summer.

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Amazing monument: The Alhambra in Granada

Granada is famed as one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Its fascinating history is marked by the reigns of the caliphates, Arab sultans and their dynasties. The city’s incredible historic quarter, the Albaicín, the Alhambra, its flamenco and the spectacular tapas tour are a few of the highlights you can enjoy during your visit.

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Ibiza, the fun island

This incredible island is considered the capital of summer tourism in Spain, one of the most well-known beach destinations, famous for its parties and nightlife. But the island offers much more than that, with a host of attractions worth discovering.

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Top 10 coves in Ibiza

The spectacular island of Ibiza is a veritable paradise dotted with coves and beaches with crystal-clear water and white sand. These stunning natural spots have turned Ibiza into one of the world’s hottest summer vacation destinations.

This is our list of the top 10 coves in Ibiza – you won’t want to miss them on your visit!

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Seville, a city with a special color

Seville is a city that radiates joy and optimism because of the welcoming people who live there. It is home to fabulous monuments and interesting cultural attractions like its Cathedral, an imposing Gothic style building with Renaissance elements and impressive stained glass windows, and you can also visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

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Ten must-do plans in Barcelona

Modernist, colorful, vibrant, with Mediterranean smells, magnificent parks and with an outstanding cultural scene for both young and old, Barcelona is always a good choice for a vacation with family, friends or that special loved one.

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