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Having good times with those you love the most, your friends, are a source of happiness. Those cherished friends who have turned into family, who are always by your side and jump at the chance to visit new destinations with you and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Traveling is amazing, exciting and challenging, and since the possibilities are endless with Exclusive Traveler Club, we invite you to try new things that take you out of your comfort zone, help you overcome any obstacle and learn something new, activities that will make you grow as a person and make you value life’s happy moments even more.

We encourage you to strengthen the bonds of friendship by planning an unforgettable vacation, an Exclusive-style getaway where first-class amenities, unique benefits and unparalleled service that only ETC knows how to deliver, a Luxury All In service, are yours to enjoy.

So take advantage of the best rewards: we now offer a free gift for the trip of your choice, a gift that will help you spend quality time with your favorite friends.

That said, as an ETC member, take advantage of our “Refer a Friend” program so that you can share the good things by inviting your loved ones to discover unique and exclusive experiences.

You’re going to love this exciting plan because you’ll get an added bonus: refer the friends and family you want, and if they join the Exclusive Traveler Club, we’ll give you three FREE Exclusive Nights.

That’s not all, because your friends can book the best vacation package for a trip to the Caribbean, and you can receive one FREE Exclusive Night for each friend that uses this unbeatable deal to reserve their stay.

Inviting them to discover this amazing experience is quick and easy. It only takes two steps:

  1. From the “Refer a Friend” section in your private area of the Exclusive website, go to the “Referrals” tab and invite your friends.
  2. Once you send your referrals, the status of your sent invitations and also of the Exclusive Nights you’ve earned can be tracked from the “Referrals” section.

It couldn’t be easier!

Get motivated and turn your connection with your friends into something unique and special.


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