Rauxa Show is back and is stronger than ever

After taking a short break, Rauxa Show is back with the grand Sweet Dementia show at an independent entertainment space located on the grounds of the Catalonia Royal Tulum resort, in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean.

We are happy to share that all our members staying at any of the Catalonia Riviera Maya or Catalonia Royal Tulum resorts (and who are staying in ETC rooms) are invited to experience the best show on the Riviera Maya, “Rauxa Show Sweet Dementia.”

Exclusive Traveler Club gives you two adult-only tickets to this maravilloso show featuring a concept loaded with eroticism and sensuality, taking the audience on a journey of fantasy, madness, passion and desire.

Today, the show ranks among the top hotspots for tourists in the Riviera Maya, a pioneer in night shows designed for adults seeking unique and innovative entertainment options.

The outstanding menu includes a surf-and-turf fusion combined with a minimalist molecular twist, providing each high-quality dish with a modern touch.

Note: The free tickets from Exclusive Traveler Club are valid from the indicated date and until further notice.

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