Our top aim is to make you feel unique

We would like to thank you for joining the Exclusive Traveler Club, a travelers’ club that offers a unique service to its 45,000 members. For all of us that are part of the Club, it is our pleasure to provide you with exclusive, memorable, and, above all, Maravillosas trip experiences.

And it has been this way since the beginning of the ETC since our constant efforts to offer the best club experience has led us to innovate when it comes to our facilities, service, technology and communications. We have faced big challenges and met them head on with excellence, the main quality that characterizes us.

Our aim is clear: we want you and your family and friends to keep enjoying unique experiences where we will accompany you at all times so you can keep having experiences that only Exclusive Traveler Club can offer you.

This experience begins as soon as you start planning your next getaway. How?  The answer is easy. You have the most advanced web portal in the travel and club industry, with access to the most advanced booking services for hotels, airlines, cruises, private transportation, recreational boats, golf courses, theme parks, and attractions and services at your destination and multiple travel options from special weeks to getaways.

We guarantee a unique, different service at all times with access to private rates that the Club makes available to you so that you can make the most of quality time like vacations, trips, or time with your loved ones.

But technology is only one pillar of our service since the most important one is the talent that forms our different Exclusive Traveler Club teams, which aim to provide the best service to our members. For example, with our Exclusive Customer Service, we are strongly and loyally committed to you. What is our aim? To provide you with the best service and to share your benefits with you so that you have a personalized and exclusive experience.

This Exclusive Customer Service is complemented with our ONLINE service (our Virtual Help Center), which provides you with fast online service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for frequently asked questions that may come up and that we can resolve immediately without any waiting.

Our main goal is for you to have the same confidence you have had in the Club from the start so that you always feel taken care of and so that we can continue to surprise you.

Now more than ever, we hope that when we see you again, it will be memorable and that you will enjoy the best new experiences during your next stays so that we can continue to share unique and unforgettable moments together. At our Caribbean hotels, please keep in mind that we have the Luxury All In service just for members, which sets a regular vacation apart from an unforgettable one.

We will always welcome you with all the passion, enthusiasm, and excellence that we are known for; we will give you the best of Exclusive Traveler Club so that you can tell us that your trips have been simply unforgettable and truly Maravillosos!


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