New Exclusive Services identity

Our constant quest to offer the best Club experience in terms of unique and exclusive service has led us to implement a new identity for our entire Exclusive Services department.

Exclusive Customer Services

An area that has a firm and loyal commitment to the member by offering the best assistance and knowledge of their benefits, thus offering a personalized and exclusive treatment.

Exclusive Booking Services (Reservation Services)

A highly trained area that guides guests through the booking process, ensuring they have access to Exclusive hotels and the best experiences available.

Exclusive Quality Services

This area is in charge of ensuring compliance and guaranteeing Exclusive quality in all services offered at Caribbean destinations, all to ensure unparalleled satisfaction.

Exclusive Experience Services (Exclusive Services in Caribbean Destinations)

The pursuit of excellence is in this area, for from the moment an Exclusive traveler steps foot in the Caribbean paradise, he or she is treated to the highest standards of hospitality. The focus on quality extends to every element of the experience with our Luxury All In concept.

Our main intention with this new identity is to add value and highlight even more the main quality that characterizes us, excellence.

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