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Exclusive Traveler Club hopes that you will continue to explore and discover even more in fantastic destinations around Spain, where travelling with friends or family will turn into an unforgettable experience with fun-packed days that will give you thousands of anecdotes to share when you go home.

We invite you to open your wish list in Spain and add new destinations where you can spend a few dream days exploring new places from a different perspective and indulging in a truly one-of-a-kind holiday.

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We want you to enjoy the best the club has to offer by accessing exclusive benefits and unique services, with a whole range of exciting possibilities on offer when you travel to the old continent..

And that’s why we’ve added 21 Catalonia Hotels & Resorts to our City Hotels catalog, available now on our website and listed below:


  • Catalonia Albéniz
  • Catalonia Atenas
  • Catalonia Avinyó
  • Catalonia Barcelona 505
  • Catalonia Born
  • Catalonia Bristol
  • Catalonia Castellnou
  • Catalonia Diagonal Centro
  • Catalonia Eixample 1864
  • Catalonia Gran Hotel Verdi
  • Catalonia La Maquinista
  • Catalonia La Pedrera
  • Catalonia Mikado
  • Catalonia Park Güell
  • Catalonia Park Putxet
  • Catalonia Roma
  • Catalonia Sabadell
  • Catalonia Sagrada Familia


  • Catalonia Goya


  • Catalonia Las Cañas


  • Catalonia Hispalis

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For more details, please visit the City Hotels section on our online platform, where you’ll find all the information you need on the amazing new options available, always with the most exclusive rates at every location.

Also, remember that as an Exclusive Traveler Club member you’ll get an guaranteed, automatically confirmed room upgrade according to your membership level.

Don’t hestitate to book your next vacation, business trip or getaway. We can’t wait to see you!

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