Joining forces on projects that are unique

As a socially responsible company with a clear and firm commitment to society, Exclusive Traveler Club teamed up with Exclusiverse to once again participate in the Carrera Catalonia 5K charity race held on Sunday May 21 in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

This eighth edition was held in person and was streamed on our Exclusiverse virtual space, giving many people the opportunity to connect to experience the excitement of the event firsthand.

The streamed event also included a series of interviews with Club members, organizers and participants, one of the most enriching experiences for bringing together the physical community with the virtual one.

For the past eight years, this race has helped benefit two wonderful foundations, the proceeds and the support of sponsors such as Exclusiverse going towards making the dreams of Mexican children with a disease come true with the help of the Make A Wish Foundation; resources will also be raised to fight cancer in Dominican children with the support of the Amigos Contra el Cáncer Infantil (Friends Against Children’s Cancer) Foundation.

Hand in hand with foundations committed to projects that make an impact, this event has now become a well-established run that not only encourages family bonding, but also promotes sports as a healthy lifestyle.

Each year the version is surpassed by the number of participants and this year 2023 was able to summon more than 1,200 registered runners and 80 sponsors, a success in terms of social responsibility as this sporting feat is one of the most important events for Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.

The first Catalonia 5K Run was celebrated seven years ago, all with the dream of promoting a clearly charitable initiative, one that would have a direct impact on the well-being and quality of life of hundreds of children in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

It should be noted that the Club, together with Catalonia Hotels & Resorts, supports these types of events designed to make an impact and that try to impact and do good to society. We also made the experiences with our Exclusive partners not only unforgettable, enriching and beneficial, but most of all maravillosas, because this year they were able to follow it from anywhere in the world with Exclusiverse.

A special mention to some of our Exclusive collaborators who participated in such a wonderful act in favor of the noblest of causes. We also thank you for sharing your photos on social media with the hashtag #ExclusiverseLive5K and #CarreraCatalonia5K

Today we remember that we’re stronger together!

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