Exclusive Traveler Club Supports Chile

Exclusive Traveler Club Apoya a Chile

Exclusive Travel Club is a travelers club, but it is mostly a club of people. That is why we not only like to take care of our members and employees, ETC is a socially responsible company that also cares about the less fortunate.

Because of this, we are very involved in charity initiatives such as the “Make a Wish” initiative, an organization that has been making the most disadvantaged children’s wishes come true for over thirty years. And we work with communities that have been affected by catastrophes, such as the earthquake in Peru, for which we organized a food drive to send food through the embassy.

Exclusive Traveler Club Apoya a Chile

On this occasion, we want to show our solidarity with Chile, which was hit by a devastating fire that affected thousands of families. The initiative to help the Chilean community comes from one of our members, Carolina Cordero, who was one of the finalists of an initiative to choose the best Club Mascot that we carried out on Facebook. The prize was a free five-night stay at any of our Caribbean Home Resorts.

Carolina Cordero contacted us with a request that touched our hearts and let us see her most human and caring side. She asked us if her Mascot were to win, for the amount of the free five-night stay to be donated to the Chilean community, which is going through a difficult time due to the fire that devastated the country. Because of this, and although the mascot designed by Carolina’s son was not the winner, Exclusive Traveler Club wants to do their part, donating $2,500 to the NGO “Desafío Levantemos Chile.”

Desafío Levantemos Chile is a result of the earthquake and tsunami that Chile suffered. Since then, its goal has been not only to help after catastrophes occur but also to become a great chain of solidarity for all Chileans who have fewer opportunities.

Exclusive Traveler Club Supports Chile

We are very proud to have members so committed to others and want to quote the response of our CEO, Mr. Ramón Martín, to Carolina Cordero’s request:

 “I’m very happy to be able to lead a club where our members have such human sensitivity, which each day makes our project also become a bridge to help those who are most in need.”

On behalf of the entire ETC team and all the members, we would like to acknowledge Carolina Cordero’s great initiative, which together with the charity events allow us to show our club’s most human side.

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