Exclusive Traveler Club helps make dreams come true

Exclusive Traverler Club Make a Wish | ETC World

Over the past few months Exclusive Traveler Club has been working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that makes wishes come true for thousands of children suffering life-threatening illnesses.

Exclusive Traverler Club Make a Wish | ETC World

This time we are organizing an event with Make-A-Wish to make the wish of 7-year-old Ronaldo come true. This beaming boy always has a big smile on his face, despite suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Make a Wish
ETC Club Make a Wish for Rolando | ETC World

Like all kids, he enjoys playing carts and eating candy. He is a fan of Chavo del 8, his favorite singer is Nenito Vargas and his favorite color is red.

And his biggest wish is to have a bicycle, new clothes and toys!

Therefore, next Monday Rolando will be surprised with an unforgettable event, our main objective will be to fulfill his dreams and making the most Maravilloso day for him and his family.

During the event Rolando will sing along with one of his favorite artist, the folk singer and composer Nenito Vargas, also spend the day enjoying his the toys that he always dreamed of and brand new bike. All in an unforgettable event exclusively prepared to print on him and those around him a joyful memory that will last forever.

All the great family of Exclusive Traveler Club and its associated partners feel extremely proud and happy to fulfill the dream of Rolando and all children of the Make a Wish foundation.

Wait for more about this lovely adventure on the upcoming days.

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