Exclusive Traveler Club – Event Mercado de la Candelaria

Exclusive Traveler Club, the world’s best traveler club, attended the 2018 edition of the “Mercado de la Candelaria”, the first world-class experience market event held in the Dominican Republic.

The purpose of ETC’s presence at the event was to introduce attendees to our maravilloso club, its exclusive services, and our different memberships, which offer multiple benefits for trips to the Caribbean and around the world.

VIP rooms and exclusive areas at the club’s seven Catalonia del Caribe Resorts, upgrades at Catalonia de Ciudad hotels, the best prices in the market at over 80,000 hotels around the world, incredible discounts on cruises and theme parks, access to special services for VIP travelers, flights and much more.

The three-day event gave attendees the chance to enjoy the best gourmet options from different markets. This outstanding initiative was designed by Frank Escobar, known on social media by his handle @loconociviajando, who spoke about his experiences traveling around the world, food and drinks, and exquisite destinations that every traveler should visit.

The Mercado de La Candelaria was inspired by the street markets in the world’s major capitals and countries, from Spain to London and New York, which are famous as culinary hotspots that offer alternatives for enjoying an extensive variety of world-class food and drinks.

Our participation at this event gave us the chance to have direct contact with people interested in turning their vacations into something unbeatable, unique, and above all,Maravilloso!

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