Exclusive Traveler celebrates its premier Gastro Cigar event

On November 29th, Exclusive Traveler Club held the first edition of Gastro Cigar, a high quality event celebrated at Hotel Catalonia’s exclusive Filigrana Restaurant. Participating in the event were prominent people from business and tourism industries in Santo Domingo.

Ramón Martín, Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Traveler Club, noted that this first event was an opportunity to introduce the excellence of Dominican products and to share a memorable culinary experience. “We are very pleased with the results we have achieved. The Dominican Republic is one of the prime destinations of our travel club, and this event is a way to introduce the excellence of this country’s products, such as tobacco, rum and organic cacao. We are grateful to all our partners, and to everyone who has shared this unforgettable evening with us,” expressed Martín.

The evening provided a perfect pairing for an exquisite menu especially created and prepared using local products by the famous Colombian chef, Jorge Rausch, owner of Criterion restaurant, considered to be one of the best restaurants in Latin America and the best in Colombia.

“We are delighted to visit the Dominican Republic, a country with much to offer and with a wonderfully rich gastronomy. We hope this will be the first of many gatherings,” stated Rausch, who has been recognized with important international awards throughout his career.

At this first edition of Gastro Cigar, the excellence of wonderful Dominican products were also highlighted including brands of rum, tobacco and organic cacao, which altogether made the culinary experience truly memorable.

The importance of this kind of wonderful events is to introduce the rich gastronomy of the beautiful Dominican Republic, a country with so much to offer for both business and tourism.

The evening was made even more pleasant by the presence of artist, Michelle Taveras, on the Pearl Urban Lounge terrace, a magical setting of Dominican culture and flavors.

Gastro Cigar will be the first event of many, where the outpouring of good taste will be complemented with the maravilloso cultural and culinary contributions of the Dominican Republic.

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