Exclusive luxury yachts

The most luxurious yachts are the ultimate expression of sailing like “kings” on the high seas, where sophistication and extravagance stand out in every detail that characterizes them in the most exclusive fashion.

Some are equipped with concert halls, cinemas, heliports and even with an extendable beach on board. They can house smaller boats and even mini-submarines to never get bored on board.

Undoubtedly, these maravillosos yachts belong to Russian billionaires, businesspeople, royalty and celebrities. This is a list of the best in the world:

  1. “Eclipse,” a mega yacht valued at $1.5 billion (€1.33 billion). It is considered the most expensive yacht in the world. This one belongs to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramavich and, at 525 feet long, it is the second largest private yacht in the world. The top part of this wonder has two heliports and houses a mini-submarine. As one could expect, the “Eclipse” has a missile detection system and rumor has it that it has several lasers to detect the paparazzi.
  1. “Azzam,” valued at $600 million (€535 million). Although it is not the most expensive boat in the world, it is the biggest since it is 587 feet long and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of almost 30 knots. This wonder is owned by Sheik Khgalifa bin Zayed al Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Emir of Abu Dhabi.
  1. Superyacht “A,” valued at $400 million (€357 million). The name of this yacht comes from the initials of its owner, a Russian billionaire named Andrey Melnichenko. It is 393 feet long and inside it has a main room that is 2,500 square feet; six suites for guests; and luxury interior spaces thanks to sliding walls and glass everywhere. An interesting fact is that some of the walls and furniture inside are decorated with skins of exotic animals.
  1. “Dubai,” valued at $400 million (€357 million). Considered the third largest boat in the world at 525 feet long, it is owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A private pool, seven maravillosas and spacious terraces to relax and a mini-submarine are some of the amenities that characterize it.
  1. “Al Said,” valued at $300 million ($267 million). The creator of the interior design is Redman Whitely Dixon, which is why it is considered one of the most stunning boats in the world. Up to 70 passengers can comfortably be on board in addition to staff members, a total of 154 people. But the most opulent thing about this yacht is its concert hall, which can hold an orchestra of 50 musicians for those who are present to enjoy.
  1. “Serene,” valued at $330 million (€294 million). The owner is billionaire Yuri Scheffler, who trusted Ficanteri to create this spectacular boat that has 47,996 square feet of space spread across seven beautiful decks. The inside of the yacht has a cinema, a fully equipped spa and even a wood-fired oven for pizzas for the diners’ cravings. All this so you do not have to leave the beautiful boat.
  1. “Pelorus,” valued at $300 million (€267 million). At 377 feet long, this “small” yacht belongs to Roman Abramovich. This wonder is so immense that it is home to a private collection of small boats. An interesting fact is that one of the suites has a movable wall which can be lowered to transform the luxurious room into a huge private terrace for sunbathing in style.
  1. “Rising Sun,” valued at $300 million (€267 million). It has 86,111 square feet of space and 82 rooms spread over five levels; it also has two heliports and a basketball court so nobody gets bored. An interesting fact is that one of the celebrities who has been seen sailing this luxurious yacht is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  1. “Dilbar,” valued at $263 million (€234 million). This sophisticated yacht is the best definition of elegance, luxury and glamor sailing at sea, thanks to the fact that it reaches speeds of 22.5 knots, powered by a 30,000 kW Diesel electric motor. It has the largest indoor pool built on a yacht, with just 47,551 gallons for the 20 passengers it can hold. In addition, there are 47 staff members.
  1. “Lady Moura,” valued at $210 million (€187 million). So much luxury is characterized by the yacht’s name and coat of arms in 24-carat gold. It has two of the most impressive amenities at sea, a pool with retractable roof and an extendable beach that rests just below the waterline. This magnificent setting is even more stunning with the palm trees that create the perfect oasis for anyone.

Undoubtedly, these dreamy yachts make everyone sigh because of how impressive they are and because of the unique characteristics that each one has. This lifestyle is the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication that you can have at sea!

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