Everything is going to be Maravilloso

We want to stay in contact with you during these difficult, uncertain times to thank you for your incredible patience, trust and support.

The COVID-19 situation has caused a global economic crisis and has had a devastating social impact. We can’t deny that tourism is one of the hardest-hit industries, and it is precisely now, in these difficult times, that we must all come together so that we can move forward as quickly as possible.

The measures that different government authorities have adopted, guided by the World Health Organization, and the commitment we have all made to stay at home to flatten the curve, means that there are currently no ETC Hotels open in the Caribbean.

It is difficult to say when we will be able to return to normal, but we are fully confident that getting bakc to our jobs, to our daily routine, and to our lives in general, is much closer today than it was yesterday.

We want to reiterate our gratitude to you for your responsibility and commitment to staying home today so that we can take a vacation together tomorrow, enjoying your exclusive benefits in the spectacular destinations that will be waiting for you.

We would also like to sincerely thank you for your trust and understanding at a time when it is very difficult for us to respond efficiently to your calls and emails. Please be assured that we do the impossible to maintain the same level of excellence that has always been our trademark.

Behind the Club there are many people with extraordinary human values who are focusing all their efforts on keeping this boat afloat.

Today, more than ever, we are proud of those who are fighting on the frontlines of this disease, from healthcare professionals to all those who help ensure that the basic services we all need continue to function.

The anticipation of being together again soon is growing daily and we will emerge from this much stronger than before.

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