Enjoy unique vacations

To ensure that you enjoy a unique vacation from the moment you arrive in the Caribbean, for your convenience we have improved our shuttle service provider.

Now on BD Experience is in charge of guaranteeing you the quality, comfort and safety you deserve, from your arrival until the end of your trip.

A BD Experience Destination Advisor will welcome you with the Exclusive Traveler Club badge and your name for quick and easy identification (Please note that the process remains the same for Platinum and Infinity Memberships, and for Premium and Gold Memberships you must go to “ETC HOTELS TRANSFER”, in the Exclusive Benefits section, to request the required shuttle).

Also, BD Experience will offer unforgettable excursions that will open your eyes to the extraordinary to put unlimited adventures, all with the purpose of making your vacations as you have always dreamed of.

We look forward to seeing you soon in paradise!

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