Croatia and the Plitvice Lakes

It is one of the least known and most beautiful destinations in Croatia, Plitvice National Park.

To reach this magical place from Dubrovnik you must travel a considerable distance of a little more than 400 kilometers and we promise you that it is worth making the effort to reach this wonder given to us by nature.

Plitvice has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1979 as it covers an area of 30,000 hectares of dense forests that are home to many ani- mal species. Something very special about this place is that there is also the “proteus,” and endemic species that only exists in Croatia. It is the strange fish without eyes that lives in the waters of flooded caves.

The stars of Plitvice are the lakes and waterfalls since they give us a spectacular landscape, made up of 16 lakes of different sizes which are fed by the Korana river and are joined via a channel network, cascades and waterfalls.

The lakes are spread over a distance of five kilometers in the following order:

  • Prošćansko · Ciginovac
  • Okrugljiak
  • Batinovac · Veliko
  • Malo
  • Vir
  • Galovac
  • Milino
  • Gradinsko
  • Veliki Burget
  • Kozjak ((the biggest and deepest)
  • Milanovac
  • Gavanovac (amazing Milka Ternina waterfall) · Kaluđerovac (Golubnjača and Šupljara caves)
  • Novakovića Brod

This natural park also has caves where visitors can find shelter on the shores of Lake Kaluđerovac. In some, even remains of the giant cave bear, a species that has been extinct for about ten thousand years, have been found.

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