Celebrating 8 years of infinite experiences

Although it passed in the blink of an eye, it’s been 8 wonderful years since we started this dream come true that is Exclusive Traveler Club. And this month we’re celebrating our Anniversary in a big way.

This huge achievement was made possible thanks to you and all the partners who are part of the Exclusive Traveler Club family. Together, we’ve proved that we can make the impossible possible, especially when it comes to our vision of being unique and making you feel unique.

Most of all, we’ve learned that life is not measured in years, but in the infinite experiences we live; unique moments that you’ve allowed us to participate in and which will continue into the future with the enthusiasm that marks our daily efforts.

We are absolutely certain that in the years to come, which will be many, we will continue to offer you even greater benefits, unique services and, above all, many more unforgettable experiences for you and yours.

The most important part of our journey that we’ve met you and that you’ve become a part of Exclusive Traveler Club. Which is why we’re giving you a gift, and you’ll see that your Exclusive membership has been extended for an additional year so that we can continue having amazing experiences together.

Many thanks for joining us in these first 8 years and for being one of the most valuable parts of Exclusive Traveler Club. Because you are unquestionably the essence of our wonderful Club.

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