Catalonia Punta Cana resort holds the 3rd edition of Punta Cana Merengue Fashion Week

On November 3, the third edition of the successful fashion event Punta Cana Merengue Fashion Week was held in the exclusive Catalonia Punta Cana resort where prestigious designers and models from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the United States, Colombia, Italy and Spain came together.

A key part during this event is the closing where the guest of honor, Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, showed her Spring-Summer 2019 collection to everyone who was there. During the event, we welcomed to our club as an Infinity member.

In addition, an emotional tribute was paid to the great Dominican designer Jorge Diep.

Different collections by international fashion giants were also presented including:

  • Wanda Beauchamp
  • Sabrina Maria
  • Jose Braulio, from Puerto Rico
  • Joely Alarcon, from Venezuela
  • Rosalva Malandrino, from the United States
  • Rosa Lía Desing, from Italy
  • La Marca Dolls, from Colombia
  • Esteban Martines, Eddy Rambaldy, Felipe De León and Juan Francisco Rodriguez, from the Dominican Republic
  • The prestigious international brand Aliss with incredible designs for children, adults and plus size

An exclusive event where there was a tremendous display of elegance, beauty and good taste to delight all the attendees during this event.

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