Bariloche, a stunning destination

San Carlos de Bariloche, also known as simply Bariloche, is located in the province of Rio Negro in southwestern Argentina on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, in the Andean Lakes District with its perfectly conserved natural lakes, forests and mountains.

This breathtaking destination has exciting activities for travelers and is a great place to visit all year round because of its unparalleled scenery, family and outdoor activities, incredible cuisine and the chance to experience all kinds of adventures.

It’s also famous as one of Patagonia’s main tourist destinations, a popular choice for both local and international tourists alike because of its renowned ski resorts and other activities for travelers during the summer.

Here’s a list of the must-visit spots you can’t miss on a trip to this wonderful destination:

*Civic Center.

Any visitor who has been to Switzerland will immediately be reminded of its beautiful alpine houses when strolling through the city. The log and stone buildings are home to souvenir shops, exclusive boutiques and outdoor activity retailers. The bonus is that the downtown area is small enough to take a leisurely stroll and grab a delicious meal at one of the restaurants or cafes.

*Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Bariloche’s main attraction is this national park, Nahuel Huapi. You can simply drive around and admire the scenery from the car, but parking and taking a walk along one of the many hiking trails is highly recommended. Looking for something more adventurous? You can raft or kayak on Lake Nahuel Huapi, which was formed from melting glaciers and is surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains in winter.

*El Bolsón.

Not far from Bariloche is the small town of El Bolsón, the two-hour drive by car making it the perfect destination for a day trip. The first non-native people to settle there were from Germany and the town is now famous for the beer and cheese it produces.

*Villa La Angostura.

Another small town that’s a great day trip option is Villa La Angostura, high in the mountains and home to Los Arrayanes National Park. An arrayán (Chilean myrtle) is a species of tree that is native to the Argentine-Chilean border, and was used by the Mapuche people as a source of medicine. To get to the park, you can bike, walk through the forest, or take a boat across the lake.

*Museum of Patagonia.

Inside one of the Civic Center’s Swiss chalets is Bariloche’s Museum of Patagonia, which features a series of exhibits on the history of the national park and its surroundings, specifically archeological findings, natural history and indigenous artifacts.

*Cerro Tronador.

Nestled in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, this is the highest mountain in Argentina’s Lake District. At the foot of the mountain, you can see (and hear!) the glaciers, which creak and crack, particularly when large chunks of ice fall. The moutain has three separate peaks, called Argentino, Internacional and Chileno, so it’s easy to identify; it’s also an extinct volcano, and the surrounding area is full of small lakes and green forests that you can explore.

*Isla Victoria.

Nahuel Huapi National Park is also home to this small island, specifically in Lake Hahuel Nuapi, which you can take a short boat ride to reach. The island is approximately 12 square miles big, but its difficult terrain means that only about a third of it is walkable. It was once inhabited by indigenous people, who left evidence of their existence in rock drawings scattered throughout the area.

*Cerro Catedral.

This mountain isn’t open all year round and can only be visited in winter, but it’s certainly worthwhile. This spot is the most popular ski destination in the Bariloche area, but its most outstanding feature is the views it provides over Lake Nahuel Huapi and the surrounding national park. The best part is that it’s a short bus ride from the city center.

Bariloche is undoubtedly a beautiful destination that would make the perfect trip this year; with so many options of things to do and see, your choices are endless.

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