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Be amazed by the perfect fusion in every dish served up by several Catalonia hotels in Europe, mainly in and around Spain, where a food tour is without a doubt one of the best ways to explore the old continent.

Catalonia Hotels, in collaboration with Eboca Restaurants, has notably formed its own culinary brand that includes 14 restaurants located in 12 of its hotels in five cities: eight in Barcelona, and one each in Madrid, Ronda, Ibiza and Santo Domingo.

The restaurants offer six types of cuisine: Mediterranean, Catalan, grilled, Japanese, local and Italian, tapping into emotions to create incredible connections with diners.

Here’s our list of 10 can’t-miss restaurants at Catalonia Hotels in Europe:

  • Filigrana, at Catalonia Barcelona Plaza (Barcelona): Mediterranean food with six different culinary concepts. *Lunch and dinner.
  • Kurai, at Catalonia Barcelona Plaza (Barcelona): Japanese grill (sumi-yaki), sushi and Japanese cocktails. *Lunch and dinner.
  • La Traviata, at Catalonia Rigoletto (Barcelona): Mediterranean cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • Contempo, at Catalonia Plaza Catalunya (Barcelona): Catalan Mediterranean cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • 50&5, at Catalonia Barcelona 505 (Barcelona): Market-fresh menu and a unique wine list with six different culinary concepts. *Lunch and dinner.
  • BLoved / BLoved Vegggie Corner, at Catalonia Gran Vía (Madrid): Mediterranean and international cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • Panorámico, at Catalonia Ronda (Ronda): Regional, national and international cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • Aldapeta Gastro Bar, at Catalonia Donosti (San Sebastián): Traditional Basque cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • La Mar de Santa, at Catalonia Royal Ses Estaques (Ibiza): Mediterranean and Ibizan cuisine. *Lunch and dinner.
  • Joost, at Catalonia Vondel Amsterdam (Amsterdam): International cuisine with a Dutch twist. *Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now that we’ve taken you on a tour of the world’s best flavors at our Caribbean and several of our European hotels, choose and book your favorite. You’ll have an unforgettable vacation paired with a unique culinary experience!

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