An Exclusive story

A few weeks ago, one of our amazing members contacted our maravilloso Exclusive Customer Service team with a very peculiar request.

That request was to identify a lovely goose name Mamamo that lived at the Catalonia Punta Cana resort.

As he told it, the member wanted news of Mamamo because the goose made such an impression on him on his last vacation, seeking him out so that he could sit peacefully on the member’s lap.

We take every message seriously, so our Exclusive Customer Service contacted the team at the destination to ask for news about Mamamo that ETC could share with the member as soon as possible.

Catalonia’s staff and our wonderful Concierges were immediately able to identify Mamamo with the details from the story — Mamamo was famous for being friendly with resort guests.

We shared the good news about Mamamo and a photo with the member just to let him know that the goose is happy, healthy, and well.

The Club will always be available to help with any of your requests, delivering a service that goes above and beyond, underpinned by the excellence which helps us be even better, just like you do.

We wanted to share this amazing story with you as a clear example of how our team makes the impossible possible.

Introducing Mamamo, who is loving his Caribbean paradise!

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