Adventures traveling and exploring the world enjoyed

As an exclusive member you’ve enjoyed the best travel platform in the world, using it to discover a multitude of destinations and have endless experiences. A new way to enjoy what we love the most: traveling! Offering you a world of exclusive services and, of course, with the best rate for our members.

You’ve taken advantage of the incredible City Hotels in Europe, the Leisure Hotels in the incredible islands of Spain, such as the Balearic and Canary Islands, where you’ve enjoyed exclusive room access as part of the ETC family. Over these years, we’ve extended our experience in the Caribbean by creating the “Experience by Exclusive” for you so that you can enjoy the ETC rooms in the Leisure Hotels.

We’ve gone even further in 2021 and have added 21 new hotels to our City Hotels portfolio in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

But that’s not all. Over these years we’ve managed to put more than 100,000 hotel establishments in more than 150 countries around the world within your reach, so that you can travel where, when and with whomever you wish.

Our desire to make you feel unique has led us to offer you the best travel options, which you can take advantage of to fly to any destination, enjoy the best cruises, get around in the vehicle you want, enjoy the sea from the best boats, perfect your swing at the world’s best golf courses, attend the best shows and participate in the best adventures offered in each destination, among many other experiences.

We want to let you know that as our member you come first, so we imagined the way you could travel your way from start, ensuring that you’re the one who decides the experience you want to have by including the ETC Getaways, Special Weeks and Your Perfect Trip in our exclusive benefits.

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