4D projections: Live an immersive experience in your room

ETC has turned some of its rooms into the first rooms in all the Caribbean that offer an immersive 360º experience.

Exclusive Traveler Club has installed 4D projector systems in some of the Exclusive rooms at the Catalonia Royal Bávaro and Catalonia Punta Cana resorts, allowing ETC Members to experience truly unforgettable experiences when transforming their rooms through audiovisual content, personalizing and adapting their stay to their tastes and preferences.

To add an extra element to their experience, technological advances have been used to improve the Exclusive Members’ experience through a pioneering system developed by the company Broomx Technologies. The technology installed in some Exclusive rooms allows you to transform the space and experience immersive 4D experiences without using virtual reality devices designed for one person. Through this 360º audiovisual projection system, you can enjoy immersive experiences with your family or as a couple, including taking a trip to the bottom of the sea, flying over the Earth in a spaceship and exploring the virtual world of your favorite video game. And all of this without leaving the room.


Although 4D projectors are the most advanced technology nowadays, they are easy to use so that guests can manage all the content as they like. There is an app for smartphones where you can program everything that the 4D projector will play as well as control the lights, blinds and movements of the bed, in addition to interacting with the projections.


The projector installed in the Exclusive Rooms mentioned above, called MK Player360, is the first “all in one” projection system in the world for enjoying virtual reality in real spaces. It is a unique and exclusive product developed in Barcelona. For the first time since its creation, the MK Player360 will be exclusively available to ETC Members thanks to the implementation of this technology at the Catalonia Royal Bávaro and Catalonia Punta Cana resorts.


The devices are connected to the BroomxVR platform that contains productions by different world-renowned artists that will be continually updated and expanded. In addition, it has an online management system that allows new content to be added instantly without physically accessing the room. This way, members can provide their own content even before they check-in, personalizing their experience and stay to the max.


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