2021 wish: travel around Europe

One of the club’s wishes for the year 2021, is that you enjoy unique and enjoyable moments. We want you to feel the excitement of planning a new adventure again and to enjoy a well-deserved vacation with the ones you love most.

This is why we recommend amazing destinations in Europe, like San Sebastian, the Balearic Islands, and Tenerife in Spain; Porto in Portugal; and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, all so that you can enjoy the unique services and exclusive benefits included in your Exclusive Membership.

One of the most charming cities in all of Spain is San Sebastian, which is mainly known for its beautiful coast on the Cantabrian Sea, its delicious gastronomy, and its emblematic architectural buildings where you can admire the colors of the city. Plus, the advantage of its tourist attractions is that they are very close to each other.

San Sebastian is also a very interesting city that has something for all tastes. Its most famous events include its spectacular Tamborrada, its Film Festival, its Jazz Festival or “Jazzaldia,” Semana Grande (a week-long celebration of Basque culture and heritage), races at the racetrack, and the various sporting events including the Behobia-San Sebastian race.

Come visit this wonderful Spanish city and stay at the new Catalonia Donosti, a hotel strategically located on San Bartolomé hill in the heart of the city. From a family vacation to a couples’ getaway, it is the perfect choice for any type of trip.

The Balearic Islands are one of those destinations where you visit once and want to go back the first chance you get. These islands have a unique, even extraordinary, charm, which makes the islands’ idyllic coves, beautiful sunsets, and lush nature impossible to resist.

The region’s two largest islands are Mallorca and Ibiza. The first is home to the capital of Palma, the Cabrera National Park, and the Serra de Tramuntana. On the other hand, Ibiza has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its biodiversity and culture.

It is one of Spain’s most magical destinations, so take this opportunity as an ETC member to enjoy five accommodation options in the section of our website called Leisure Hotels: Catalonia Majorica, Catalonia Royal Ses Savines, Catalonia del Mar, Catalonia Mirador des Port, and Catalonia Ses Estaques.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and, thanks to its charm, it is one of the most important destinations in the world. With the volcanic mountain Mount Teide, the tallest in Spain at 12,198 feet, taking center stage, it is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and beach in a clean and beautiful environment with all the tourist services you need; it is a destination full of hidden corners, and, as some say, it is the land of eternal spring.

This incredible place is also one of the areas with the most biodiversity on the planet due to its privileged location between the Iberian Peninsula and Africa, specifically the Sahara desert, so it boasts incredible landscapes, stunning cliffs, lush valleys, different types of beaches, spectacular volcanoes, and verdant forests.

Don’t miss out on visiting this stunning island during your vacation in Spain and remember that as an ETC member, in the Leisure Hotels section of our website you have three accommodation options: Catalonia Las Vegas, Catalonia Punta Del Rey, and Catalonia Oro Negro.

Porto is Portugal’s second most important city after Lisbon. It has its own style and traditions and all types of activities; it is a destination worth exploring on peaceful strolls through its picturesque streets. Porto is a walkable city and you can cover most of its historic downtown area in a matter of days.

We invite you to discover this fascinating city and to stay at Catalonia Porto, a hotel in the heart of the city with all the amenities. We’re confident that the hotel will make your stay a truly unique experience.

The popular Dutch city of Amsterdam started out as a small fishing village that began to grow as it developed as a port and commercial hub. A dam built on the Amstel river in the 12th century was the inspiration for the town’s name: Amsteldam.

Today, it is the Netherlands’ major intellectual hub, with visitors able to see historical buildings and spectacular museums, stroll through the city’s canal-lined streets and shop in the old town, all with Amsterdam’s bubbling energy in the background.

Come visit this singular Dutch city and stay at Catalonia Vondel Amsterdam, a charming hotel strategically located in the heart of Amsterdam. From a family vacation to a couples’ getaway, it is the perfect choice for any type of trip.

Remember that as an Exclusive Traveler Club member, you have a direct and guaranteed room upgrade (according to your membership level) at Catalonia Hotels in Europe, and you can also add a flight to your hotel reservation at www.exclusivetravelerclub.com

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